Wealth Management

The best way is to develop and follow a plan. Start with your goals in mind and then work backwards to develop the plan.

As part of RIFS, one of the Asia and Middle East emerging independent financial consultancy, offers independent financial advice to expatriates and international investors based in Asia and Middle East. RIFS offers various financial planning solutions to cater for your personal financial security. Whether you would like to plan for a safe and secure investment out of your business activity, wealth management after retirement, start a savings plan to pay for your business needs or invest in capital market to protect your assets, RIFS has a broad range of bespoke financial solutions to help.

Furthermore, RIFS team of financial advisers fully understand that each client is different with their own unique set of circumstances. For this reason, once you have become a client, we will provide you with your own financial adviser who you can regularly meet to discuss your needs on a one-to-one basis. No matter how diverse financial goals and portfolios are, we are here to ensure that you achieve the growth and protection you deserve.

What we manage

We live in a changing world and RIFS does not believe that a single investment manager will be the best one at all times. For that reason, RIFS management’s approach is to actively select among the world’s best investment managers to meet investment needs whilst investment strategy, risk control and active monitoring is performed inside RIFS. The funds managed and promoted by RIFS including the sophisticated absolute return model portfolio strategies are eligible for distribution to qualified investors from all over the world.

Tailor Your Investment Strategy

Whether you’re looking to manage, diversify or personalize your financial portfolio, we provide you with a wide range of solutions, as well as first-class advice from our team of investment strategists.

Portfolio Management

Manage your level of involvement in the management of your portfolio.


Choose the right investments depending on your time horizon and investment profile.


Diversify your portfolio and widen the scope of your investments.

Market Strategy

Receive first-class advice on how to invest your assets.

Wealth Planning

Passing on your wealth is an important process that requires long-term planning. With our global understanding of your estate. The transfer of your wealth is an important process that requires a long-term approach and planning. Each case is different and depends on your individual objectives, your constraints and how you choose to manage your assets, investments and projects. Thanks to a global understanding of your wealth – private and professional – we are ideally placed to help you manage your legacy.

Ultra-High Net-Worth Individuals

Over time, your needs evolve and your financial priorities change. Your particular circumstances may require the most tailored, sophisticated solutions that go beyond standard products. At RIFS Wealth Management, we offer a one-stop-shop approach, backed by a dedicated team of highly trained personnel. This provides the starting point for customized solutions such as:

At RIFS Wealth Management, we offer a one-stop-shop approach, backed by a dedicated team of highly trained personnel. This provides the starting point for customized solutions such as:

  • Strategic asset allocation and portfolio optimization
  • Co-investment in private equity and real estate
  • Asset structuring
  • Family office services
  • Strategic philanthropy

Our dedicated and personal attentive staff is your unique and valuable point of contact to access our suite of exclusive services.

External Wealth Managers – Individual Financial Planners

RIFS, your trusted partner.

Whether you are an Asset Manager, a Multi-Family Office or an Independent Financial Advisor seeking for a tailor-made solution to help you develop your business or assist your clients. RIFS supports the financing, investment and patrimonial projects of your clients by offering personalized wealth management solutions to fulfil your client's needs and exceed their expectations.

Your client's needs can be many: additional liquidity to seize an investment opportunity, finance a residential or a commercial real estate project, or, searching for expertise in the wealth-planning environment. Entrust us by sharing your client's ideas and benefit from expert advice through a comprehensive global service offer.

In an increasingly complex regulatory environment, you can count on a team of dedicated wealth advisors to help you develop the projects of your clients on an End-to-End principle.


  • Capital Market
  • Private Equity
  • Investments in New TECHNOLOGY Startups
  • Investments through Block chain Technology
  • BUYING AND SELL of established business entities
  • Structured Investment deals

Forex Trading Activity


Economy & Financial activities are changing very fast in the current situation all over the world. In the current era of pandemic and disaster management one needs to concentrate on different ways of earning money through digitalization. A great opportunity lies in the field of Forex Trading in the current volatile market. With the growing confidence level and expertise in the said area, we have decided to expand our operations in Forex Trading to a greater level. Hence, we appeal to all High Net-Worth Individuals who are ready to invest in Forex Trading activity. This is going to be a key area where you can earn good amount of money seating at home. The entire process is electronic and automated with complete transparency to the Investor.

Unique and Straight Forward

We have in house state of the art full trading activity where we monitor on daily basis. We have online research analysis to understand how effective the day trades are, so we can take a call accordingly for better profits or risk management.

We have developed our own strategy based on scientific/mathematical algorithms to enrich the trading activities. These algorithms are based on the analysis of historical data generated on various platforms. These algorithms are developed by expert mathematicians giving a fully scientific touch to the trading activities. Forex trading is all about Risk Management and we follow strict disciplinary rules to minimize the losses. We implement the same while doing the trading operations.

We only work with known and good platforms where we keep a regular contact with them, to get the best platform offers in the market which will helps us to maintain more precise and profitable trades.

Key Points

  • Minimum Investment for FOREX trading U$ 10,000.00 per Entity. (Preferable Investment Pattern USD 50,000.00 and above up to USD 2.5 M) More Investment – Better Return with the time.
  • We use a world class platform to do the trading.
  • We only do the trading on your behalf. The entire fund management is always in your hands.
  • You will have to distribute the profits every fortnight to us.
  • The profits will be shared on 50% - 50% between the trader and the investor.
  • You have full access to the account whereby you can monitor the activity on 24 x 7 basis.
  • The RETURN ON INVESTMENT is definitely better than all your other options available in the market.
  • Period of Invested Amount: 3 months to 1 year.
  • The Investment is done for Forex Trading throughout the world.
  • The management reserves the right to trade on various platforms depending upon specific inputs suggested by their network of bankers, experts and financial institute’s feedback. The management does not entertain third party suggestions or instructions for the trade as per the trade policy.
  • Market Risks are fully covered. The Capital Invested will be always kept intact. The Program Manager may pause trading in volatile conditions and inform accordingly to the parties involved in it. In a very worst market conditions, the Investor can take back the investment by consulting us.
  • We will showcase how to trade any asset class on any time frame successfully. Indicators/Oscillators - what works and what does not and how customized settings on standard indicators give a cutting edge - risk management - how to win big and lose small.
  • The service is 100% transparent.
  • Fully managed and customized for each investor. Ongoing monitoring, risk management and transparent reporting. Proven track record of consistent returns. Proprietary formulae for capital growth and risk management.
  • We work on 20-30% margin of the total investment. That means at a time only 20% of the entire funds are used during the Intra Day trading. We have a facility to take 20 or 50 times leverage on this margin.

The Procedure

This particular model works best with individual accounts. For Company accounts we have a separate procedure. The entire process of account opening and other formalities are carried out online with a simple, easy to handle procedure. Within a week’s time you will become totally familiar with the system and probably will not need any assistance. Please get in touch with us for the account opening formalities suitable to your needs.

  • This particular account works like any other D-MAT account used in capital markets. You can move funds from your bank account to this account as a trading amount or transfer back to your own account when required. Thus, giving a full control on the funds deployed in the account.
  • The account opening procedure along with validation and KYC compliance normally takes two working days. Once this procedure is over you will be allotted with USER ID and PASSWORD to use the account.
  • Once you have access to the account then you will have to transfer Minimum Amount of USD 10,000.00 to this account. We suggest that one should invest more than the stipulated minimum amount to see the faster and encouraging results.
  • Once the amount is transferred then we shall send you a form for limited power of attorney to operate the account on your behalf. This essentially means we can do the trading on your behalf through this account. Our Program Manager will remain in touch with you for all the assistance required.
  • Once the limited Power of Attorney is signed by the investor then the program manager takes the operational control of the account. He may initially discuss the risk-taking ability of the investor thereby increasing or decreasing the margin for trade. Normally, all the activity is done with 20-30% margin for the first 2-3 weeks. After evaluating the performance one can take call for additional infusion of amounts or risk-taking factor can be increased.
  • What You See is What You Get …!!!
  • This way one can continue with the hassle-free operation without disturbing his/her daily routine and work. The entire platform is mobile friendly hence you will receive all the alerts from time to time. Consolidated reports and all other general management information are readily available on the platform instantaneously.

    We have developed different time-tested strategies for the Forex Trading Market. You may adopt various methods to increase your profitability over a period of time. We also conduct online Webinar’s and Training courses in the same area.

    Let us get connected and start a fruitful relationship ASAP.

    Assuring our best services, we remain.